Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different?

  • I need the booth set up two hours before my reception because my ceremony and reception are at the same place. How much do you charge for idle hours?  This happens quite frequently. We charge $50 extra per hour of idle time. Some customers choose to have the booth run for a one hour cocktail hour. Have it idle for an hour during dinner and then have it run for a couple more hours during the reception as well.

I have 200 guests at my wedding, will the 4 hour photo booth rental allow all my guest to use the booth?

  • Generally speaking people go in the booth in groups or at the very least by themselves. If all 200 of your guests came as couples then you'd need 100 sessions and since our booth does about 60 sessions per hour you'd need a minimum of two hours for every couple to get a print out. However many people go in twice and every family has a camera hog and the guest sometimes take forever to pick out their props. Taking that into consideration we recommend at least two hours for every 100 guests invited. For 200 guests that would be at least 4 hours. We've been to smaller weddings where everyone is constantly using it while we've also gone to larger weddings where there were so many activities it caused less usage. You'll have to use a bit of your own judgment to determine how long you want it.

Where is the best place to setup the photo booth at my event?

  • People partying on the dance floor aren't going to walk far away just to use the booth. Trust us on this one.  We've seen a few events where the clients insisted on having the booth in some isolated corner or in a totally different room and it didn't get used as much. We've found that having it by the bar for some reason keeps it busy all night long. Not sure if the alcohol or what. Being beside the DJ or dancefloor the guest can’t hear the instructions in the booth or the great background music so we try to avoid setting up there.    

We plan on using the booth outside in an area that is frequently windy, is this an issue?

  • Yes, try to avoid windy places as the booth curtains fly into people's faces.  

Does an attendant come with the rental?

  •  Yes, he or she will set up the booth and answer any questions guests have as well as take the booth down at the end of the night. Your attendant will explain the operation and keep the "flow" going so as many of your guests as possible can have some The Photo Booth Guy taken.

What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the booth?

  • There is almost nothing "catastrophic" that can go wrong with the booths. We have had a few paper jams along the way and those are resolved within a few minutes. If something should happen that would cause the booth to become inoperable, We will bring a replacement booth or we would refund your money based on the time left for operating.

How many people can fit in the photo booth?

  • Our standard photo booths 1 – 4 people or more depending on how comfortable you are with the people piling in on top of you. We have three open air photo booths that everyone can get into the pictures and they will print a strip for everyone in the picture. Pick the photo booth that will you want for your event.


Why should I choose The Photo Booth Guy?

  • The Photo Booth Guy is pleased to have gotten rave reviews since our inception January 2012. Wedding couples, party planners and corporate planners can and have vouched for our quality, professionalism and we definitely bring in the fun. Our Photo Booth Specialists are helpful and courteous. We will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime!

Hidden Fees?

  • Our prices include everything. The price we advertise is the price you pay.

Is there an extra charge for set-up and tear-down?

  • No. If you hire us for 4 hours and your event starts at 7 PM, the Photo Booth will be ready by 7 PM and last until 11 PM.  If you require us to set-up more than an hour prior to rental time we may charge an early set-up fee.

Will someone be at my event to take care of the Photo Booth?

  • Yes.  A professional Photo Booth Specialist will be at your event, the entire time, to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Are prints of the photos included in the price?

  • Yes. Each rental includes unlimited photo sessions and prints. Your guest will receive their photo strips in 15 seconds.   


Do we get a copy of all the photos?

  • Yes. We will provide you with a Custom USB thumb storage device at the end of your event and it will have every picture and video clip taken at your event. .

What is the maximum amount of hours that I can rent the Photo Booth?

  • There is no limit on how many hours you can rent the Photo Booth. Our prices are for a 1 -4 hour rental, additional hours maybe purchased before or during the event. 

Is your Photo Booth portable?

  • Yes. Our uniquely designed Photo Booths are extremely portable. They can fit through any normal size door. The booth measures 3'x3' and when we add props that space requirement grows. In order to maximize the fun, allow room for your guests to mill around picking out props and then looking at their freshly printed photos.

Does your Photo Booth have a screen on the inside to instruct guests on what to do?

  • Yes. Our Photo Booths have a touchscreen monitor inside that tells guests to touch the screen begin, counts down before each picture, and lets them know to exit the booth and pick up their print outs. It also displays the pictures of their session on the monitor when they are done.  Our attendant also helps "beginners" explaining the process and getting them started.

Are you available on our event date?

  • We have several booths so the chances are good.  Just fill out the Rental Agreement form and we’ll reserve the date and booth for your event and send you a confirmation with 24 hours.

What is your retainer?

  • Our deposit is as little as 100.00. The balance is due 14 days before your event. We accept all credit cards, as well as checks and money orders and of course CASH$$